TRC – Operating temperature: selectable


♦ Low-cost Programmable Transmitter TRC
♦ Smallest in-head programmable transmitter
♦ Pt100 and 8 T/C programmable ranges
♦ 2- or 3-wire current and voltage output
♦ Serial interface for configuration
♦ In-head and DIN-rail versions
♦ IP65 box and Ex housing available COMECO's temperature transmitter
TRC is part of a revolutionary new project for the smallest (in-head) and cheapest multi-input programmable transmitter. It has a universal input accepting Pt100 RTD and 8 thermocouples and a voltage or current 2- or 3-wire output linearly proportional to the measured temperature. This model allows on-site selection of sensor type, input range and conversion direction as well as sensor failure reaction and no user calibration is necessary to be provided. TRC is available in a case for mounting inside sensor protection head, in a watertight box with high protection class, and in a case for mounting on DIN rail. The serial interface allows fast and easy configuration. Thanks to the combination of performance, reliability, simplicity, flexibility, and low price, the TRC transmitter is easy to use and very widely applicable.

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